1. DOOSAN BEARS HOME RUN!!!~~ #doosan #baseball #gobears (at Jamsil Baseball Stadium)

  2. #BaitSeoul #cakeshopseoul (at Cakeshop Seoul)

  3. Chicken fried rice with some bacon in there!! Definitely a labor of love after a long day! ~ #happyeats #homemade #yum

  4. Loving my hair!!! It was time for a revamp!!

  5. Beautiful day for a trip to Home Plus #homeplus #hapjeong (at 합정 메세나폴리스 맥도날드)

  6. Its fridayyy #cass #soju #cola

  7. Lookin Gucci from head to toe #kidsfashion #gucci

  8. 3CE buys today !!! Purple glitter liner, eye shadow in Queen B, blush in Baba Peach and nail studs in black and silver~~♥♥ @stylenanda_korea (at Style Nanda)


  9. Dating in Korea

    I have honestly did a lot of research before I left the states about dating and some of the positives and negatives that come with it. 

    Well now that I have 5~6 months here under my belt and some “experiences” I believe I semi qualified to write about it. 

    Through hours of tedious observations and personal experience with friends and their experiences, it seems that Korea handles foreign men much better than women. But let me explain my reasoning behind this.

    Now this is just MY opinion and what I have observed so please take this as you may. 

    A few friends know but I recently started dating a korean guy. Nice guy, english was pretty poor but he was nice on the eyes. We were going strong 1 month in then he started getting distant. Now I knew what was coming I just figured lets see what the reason is…. After I let him blame it on the Korean worth ethic of men I simply rolled my eyes and we kept talking. Then the talking stopped. I used my handy dandy Esther Unnie at school to help me see what his deal was and this is what I got back…

    "Things will never work out for us because you are from America"

    "We are culturally too different to understand one another"

    This one really stung…

    "I cannot marry you because you are a foreigner…."

    Needless to say my feelings were hurt and but unfortunately there is truth to his reasoning. Sure it hurt and best believe I was pissed but now I kind of understand why. I am American sure thats obvious but the fact that there are so many foreigners especially women coming in and out of this country it’s hard to maintain long lasting relationships. 

    Now I’m not saying this means you wont find a good Korean man to take home to your parents, but I’m just saying it’s a little more difficult considering our jobs, at a hogwon or a public school only last so long. Home sickness, life, and other opportunities pull you in different directions so you never know where you may end up. 

    I have also observed that it seems culturally acceptable to have a “white guy” or foreigner boyfriend here. As I walked through Hongdae today (near Hongik University) They were out in numbers. White guys with Korean girls and I barely saw any Korean men with white girls. Actually I only saw 1 couple. Which to me, the odds seem a bit off. I have also heard from my other foreign friends that they do not like Korean men so that could also be the reason too but who knows. 

    In closing, this has just been personal experience and observations and merely just my opinion. If you have any insight I’d love to hear it! I have not given up hope on my dream of one day having Mexican/Korean babies lulz. The dream is alive but I’m just more aware of what my come in the future. 

    Much love to everyone 



  10. Poly hike!!! #fieldtrip